Last night's 6th InsTech MeetUp, involving a 'show and tell' from 19 different entities, was hugely encouraging for a number of reasons. Before I get in to that however, just a quick nod of recognition to Paolo Cuomo and Robin Merttens for their stalwart efforts in keeping these meetings both engaging and entertaining (Paolo is possibly the biggest tech fan around, and I'm sure was as excited by the mini-exhibitions in the room as anyone...).

Jonathan Howe of (event sponsors) PWC provided us all with an interesting summary at the beginning of the evening, echoing much of the commentary that I have shared over the last few months. Most notably was the distinction that many InsTech innovations have the customer at their core, and are seeking to better engage with people through service and tailored solutions.

The diverse nature of the innovative solutions that were shared with the InsTech'ers tap in to so many different parts of the insurance sector - professionally operated drones, Unified Security Management, fitness monitors that reward you for activity, streamlined compliance solutions - all of which one can see adding real value in the digital age.

The most exciting thing for me though was looking around the room and realising how diverse the group of attendees was. There was a refreshing mix of age, gender, ethnicity, and background that demonstrated how innovation is of interest to a hugely diverse group of people. If the London insurance market of the (hopefully near) future has such a varied workforce, the wide-ranging perspectives that workforce brings can only deliver positive growth for the sector.