Through my many years in the market I have mainly focused on commercial risks, and in particular on the wholesale market. I have however always been engaged with the retail insurance arena. Whilst much of the product innovation seems to stem from intermediaries and reinsurers (not all), arguably it is the retail market that takes the biggest steps forward in terms of new tech.

I have been fortunate to interact with a number of deeply knowledgeable people in the telematics arena, and on a couple of occasions have helped them develop their teams. To me, this is one of the most important developments to hit the insurance market, and has ramifications far beyond motor (I am in fact signed up to a type of personal telematics app call sweatcoin, and am mentoring a couple of similar businesses focusing on this kind of tech).

Whilst it will always be difficult to make insurance sexy, appealing to the intellect of drivers and saying to them 'prove you're a safe driver, and you get to pay less for your cover...' at least makes it less condescending.