Whilst the focus of the quoted post from Shân Millie (ex-Insurance Times) is not specifically the challenges facing the UK General Insurance market, she does nonetheless raise a couple of points that I have often debated myself.

Notwithstanding the ongoing 'threat' from Disruptors and Innovators, the ever diminishing pool of talent - at all levels - across the insurance sector is a challenge that is not often put forward as a major threat by CEOs and Boards in the many surveys conducted within the sector; but it remains a major issue.

Arguably the industry's profile has improved in recent years, possibly more as a result of it's disassociation with the rest of the financial services sector than through any good work of it's own. And yet without some more creative hiring, this is not going to bridge the gap in experienced professionals, although it is drawing in some fresh new talent.

If working with StartupBootCamp has taught me anything - and I mean no disrespect when I say this -  it is that a depth of insurance knowledge is not always necessary to lead a successful proposition in the sector. There are always people/businesses who possess the knowledge willing to collaborate and support people who come up with new ideas (Swiss Re and Aviva are excellent examples of this). But would they be willing to hire them in to 'less junior' positions to bolster their own organisational structure?