Another day, another hugely busy conference, this time populated by the great and good from the world of risk managed insurance. Some 1,700 delegates and exhibitors made their way to a very sunny Harrogate for 48 hours of networking, learning, and relationship building. So what were the key takeaways for me from this year's conference?

Firstly, having missed the conference in 2015, it was great to catch up with a number of colleagues from the insurance sector who I've not seen for quite some time. Although the intent of the organisers may be a little different, for me, the opportunity to renew both friendhips and professional relationships is invariably one of the best things about the AIRMIC conference. Although I am involved with the London wholesale insurance market on a daily basis, seeing the competing Insurers and Brokers sharing the same space and doing so with a high level of professionalism and interaction reassures me of the importance of relationships in Insurance.

Questions have been raised about the role of the broker in insurance, but the depth of engagement they have with both Clients and Risk Carriers in this part of the market at least, highlights their importance.

AIRMIC as an organisation is a great educator, and this was prominent again throgh the excellent seminar and keynote programme at this year's event. Never one to shy away from difficult issues, there were stimulating panel debates on relevant and concerning topics like the Insurance Act, Cyber risk, and of course the EU referendum.

The best session for me was definitely the Cyber Attack Scenario in Real Time - one that has caused me to raise the subject of our own security again with my Board.

When I shared my thoughts on another conference a few weeks ago, I expressed concern at the lack of investment by current incumbents in innovation - or at least their lack of discussion on the subject at the conference. This was most certainly not the case at AIRMIC. Most of the Insurers that I spoke with were keen to highlight their efforts to ensure the relevance and suitability of products and services to their corporate Clients. In fact I might go as far to say that this was the overriding theme at this year's conference (whether intentionally or not). 

The same was also true of a number of service providers, in particular Kennedy's who are disrupting themselves by developing a platform to help Claimants (and Insurers) reduce the time and cost associated with claims litigation (check out

Although I have finished the week with very tired legs, I am refreshed again by the level of engagement between Insurers, Brokers and Corporate Clients. It really feels like a simbiotic partnership.

I only hope that this can be replicated at Consumer level...