Detractors of artificial intelligence say it hasn't live up to the big promises. In fact, AI is everywhere -- and just getting started.In an insurance context, AI is beginning to be used already.  There are a number of technology vendors providing AI capabilities to detect claims fraud, particularly in the motor sector.  Whilst the commercial sector is different in terms of customer demographics and risk there still remains an element of fraud that could be better detected through AI.Facebook is moving into the chatbox space of linking in AI/Robo-advisors into their messaging application and this provides an opportunity for interaction between customers and insurers to be delivered autonomously instead of through an unpopular call centre which is fronted by a user-unfriendly call routing system.  Will this become part of the broker-underwriter dialogue for dealing with some repetitive or non-value add interactions?   Could this lead to efficiency gains such that brokers no longer sit on a bench waiting to see an underwriter simply to get the address on a policy changed?