Whilst I laud Mr Wison for admitting that there are some significant shortcomings with the way insurance, both commercial and personal, is delivered at the point of sale, I fear the greater challenge it needs to address comes further down the line.

Most of us will have a story of how we have been let down by our insurance company during a claim. Others will be able to talk about how their insurer has perhaps offered more than it should have (and yes, this is fraudulent), perhaps due to a lack of engagement. I can personally point to where I have been let down by my Critical Illness Insurer when making a claim for my daughter... Although her condition is covered by their current terms of business, because it was not a listed condition when I took out my policy they refuse to settle my claim. This hasn't blunted my enthusiasm for the insurance sector, but has nonetheless thrown in to sharp contrast where it is happy to pass off responsibility and willing to fail it's customers. A quick point if I might be indulged - the positive gesture my Insurer could have made by offering to settle my relatively small claim regardless of this loophole would have guaranteed my continued custom, and been the right thing to do. However, there was little incentive to look after the customer and I am left disgruntled, dissatisfied, and generally disgusted at how I (and likely many others) have been treated.

This is a grand gesture by Aviva/Mr Wilson, but in reality they are just reacting to competition by trying to be more competitive, whereas they should perhaps consider running a different race and focusing on service rather than price.