An interesting "State of the Nation" report for the UK insurance industry. What this tells me is that we are still a long way behind other industries.

Almost all insurers do not have omni-channel capabilities, like Amazon, to conduct an interactive process with a customer across multiple channels - it is still very fragmented, even for those topping this report. Pega research puts it as no more than 4%.

Virtually no insurers have gone beyond new business quote and buy processes, which means that most of the "moments of truth" interactions insurers have with customers are still hampered in call centres with little solutions which are little more than cut & paste across multiple old systems.

Legacy mainframes still dominate the IT landscape, even in the front office. The concept of a 2-speed architecture, with legacy policy admin systems being relegated to the back office and the front office migrating to a highly agile, omnichannel, digital architecture is still not on the horizon for most insurers.

Every insurer in the UK should have a vision and a roadmap towards achieving a front office which is unified, digital and supported by AI.