Having been asked to get involved in a discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in Insurance later this month (watch this space for more info), I wanted to get an understanding of what a balanced organisation should look like if it was reflective of the demographic of the UK.

For the sake of brevity, let's assume gender and age group parity across ethnicity - so that I can paint a picture of what a company should be aiming for if it is to be truly ethnically diverse in the UK. Let's also assume the company employs 1000 staff... 

Of those 1,000:

  • 871 should be White/White British
  • 69 should be Asian/Asian British
  • 30 should be Black/Black British
  • 20 should be Mixed race
  • 9 should fall into the ethnic group known as 'Other'
  • 1 should be a Gypsy/Traveller/Irish Traveller

This is based on the 2011 census results.

My intent with this, and a few subsequent posts I will share over the next couple of weeks, is to set the scene a little for what I believe a 'fair' inclusion policy should be targeting.