The picture in this post is a visualisation of the following statistics (from Office of National Statistics December 2015):

  • Men working Full Time    14,520,000
  • Women working FT            8,460,000
  • Men working Part Time    2,250,000
  • Women working PT            6,180,000
  • Unemployed Men                  924,000
  • Unemployed Women            766,000
  • Men not in workforce         3,310,000
  • Women not in work’           5,570,000
  • Men over age of 64             4,440,000
  • Women over age of 64       5,670,000

They key statistics to consider here are those of employed men and women, be it full time or part time, which represents some 31.4m people in the UK. Again, I will discuss this further in a later post when I intend to explore the realities of diversity and inclusion in the insurance workforce.