Anybody who has been in work for more than a few months will likely have experienced both inspiring and demotivating management styles. Whilst I still remember with great fondness the best boss I ever had, in equal clarity are the memories of those whose very presence in the office was toxic.

I have long been an advocate of positive motivation (carrot), rather than fear of recrimination (stick) as the best way to encourage productivity from staff. I also think that it is important to lead from the front, and by example, to get the best out of people.

I have worked in hugely dynamic sales environments and, earlier in my career, less frenetic technical roles, and in both situations have seen people put in to management positions for the wrong reasons. Leadership is a craft, and not one that everyone will be immediately suited to. Like any craft you have to work at it to improve your skills. Some of the greatest failures at management have been put in that position because of excellent performance of their previous duties - which have no link to the ability to lead a team!

Whilst it is important to be rewarded and recognised for doing a good job, I truly believe that recognition should be suited to the individual, and not corporate policy. We need to find a way to celebrate people for being good at their job, encourage them to continue doing it well, but recognise if they are already doing what they are best at and ensure they feel accomplished despite not getting a promotion to management.